8 Best Chrome Extensions For Developers

Chrome Extensions

8 Best Chrome Extensions For Developers

Web Developers Use Many Tools To Create Websites And Applications. These Tools Include Extensions That Extend The Functionality Of Your Web Browser And Change How The Browser Behaves And How Web Pages Are Displayed. Extensions Available For Different Browsers Like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Etc. Offer More Features And Customization Options, Making It Easier To Use Your Favorite Browser For Web Development.

What Are Browser Extensions?

A Browser Extension Is A Chunk Of Software That Modifies The Capability Of A Web Browser. It Improves Your Web Enjoy And Is Also Used By Builders To Debug And Take A Look At Their Code In Real-Time.

Browser Extensions Are Critical Because They Assist You To Customize Your Internet Browser. They Range From Easy Heritage Tweaks To Complicated Programming Tools. A Few Can Supplement Your Modern Improvement Workflow, While Others Can Be Used As An Alternative Tool. A Few Are Just For Amusing, And A Few Are Greater Beneficial Than Others, However All Offer A Manner To Personalize Your Surfing Revel In.

Are Browser Extensions Safe?

Browser Extensions Are Surprisingly Beneficial If They’re From A Trusted Business Enterprise And Were Vouched Via Different Specialists. Take A Look At The Description And Further Info On The Shop Page And See If Other People Have Rated And Reviewed Them.  If Downloaded From An Untrusted Source, You May Find Yourself Taking The Hazard Of Downloading Unknown Code Or Malicious Browser Scripts. So Make Certain You Put In Them Through A Trustworthy And Official Sup

8 Best Browser Extensions For Chrome
The Web Shop Has A Myriad Of Browser Extensions Available To Boost Your Productivity. You Can Perform Actions In Your Web Browser Without Visiting The Website And Registering With The Platform. These Extensions Are Based On Web Technologies Such As HTML, JavaScript And CSS. They Run In A Separate Sandbox Execution Environment And Interact With The Chrome Browser.

All Extensions Below Are Free And Available For Download From The Chrome Web Store. Also Available In Other Popular Browsers Such As Firefox And Safari.

In This Guide, We’re Going To Undergo The Pinnacle 8 Chrome Extensions That Any Developer Needs To Use.

Web Developer

Web Developer Is A Must-Have Chrome Extension For Developers. This Awesome Extension Adds A Toolbar To Your Browser With Various Web Developer Tools. It Is Very Useful For Website Development And  Provides  A Complete Package To Display Various Aspects Of Your Website. You Have The Flexibility To Disable/Enable Plugins And Cookies, View Dimensions And Check All Boxes With  A Single Click.

Window Resizer
Window Resizer Is A Famous Chrome Extension That Allows You To Simulate Different Screen Resolutions While Designing Your Page. This Is An Essential Tool Used By Developers To Adjust Or Resize Pages To Their Desired Size/Value. You Can Add Different Screen Sizes For Different Screens. For Example: Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops, Etc.

CSS Peeper

CSS Peeper Is A Great Extension For Developers Who Want To Quickly Learn About Specific CSS Properties On A Page. Like: Line Height, Font, And Button Size. With CSS Peeper, Developers Don’t Have To Bother Digging Through An Element To Find The Code For That Element. CSS Peeper Has A Built-In Inspector Tool That Shows Information About The Selected Element With A Single Click.


ColorZilla Allows You To Read The Color Value Of Any Pixel In Your Browser And Paste It Into Your Code Editor. Clicking On The Extension Will Start Reading And Displaying Color Information As Long As You Hover Over The Page Element. Clicking On A Color Element Automatically Copies The Color Value To The Clipboard So You Can Continue Working On It Later.


Apart From Having The Best Extension Name In This Listing, Wappalyzer Is An Excellent Plugin For Figuring Out What Makes A Webpage Tick. It Describes Various CMS Kinds, Online Services, Analytics, Plugins, And Other Things. This Is A Wonderful Approach To Discover Out About All The Features Of A Website.

CSS Viewer

CSSViewer Is Another Simple And Effective Chrome Extension For Web Developers. As The Name Suggests, This Plugin Displays The CSS Properties Of A Particular Web Page. Hovering Over A Page Element Displays A Small Popup Window Showing The CSS Data That Makes Up The Element You Are Hovering Over. This Is A Completely Clever Extension For Identifying Key CSS Everywhere You Point Your Mouse.

GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

This Add-On By Peter Coles Makes It Easy To Take A Screenshot Of The Current Browser Window. You Can Take Clear Screenshots Of The Current Page Without Unnecessary Permissions. This One-Click Chrome Extension Is Useful For Web Developers Who Want To See The Big Picture Of A Web Page. Advanced Screen Capture Technology Handles Complex Pages With Internal Scrollable Elements And Embedded IFrames Unlike Other Extensions.

Fake Filler

Fake Filler Fills All Inputs On The Page With Fake/Dummy Data. If You’re A Web Developer Working With Forms, This Chrome Extension Is A Must. It Eliminates The Need To Manually Enter Values Into Form Fields And Lets You Customize The Type Of Fake Data You Enter. The Plugin Also Ignores Hidden, Disabled, Read-Only, Or CAPTCHA Fields.


That Ends Our Listing Of The 8 Satisfactory Chrome Extensions For Internet Builders Furnished Via Way Of Means Of The Crew Of Experts. These Extensions Are Amazing For Enhancing The Productiveness Of Internet Builders And Assisting Them Store Time.

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