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Texas is an online course website designed for real estate brokers who are seeking continuing education credits. Built using WordPress and LearnDash, this website provides a user-friendly platform for students to access courses, track their progress, and earn credit hours recognized by TREC.

LearnDash Integration

It is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides students with an interactive and engaging learning experience.

TREC Verification Popup

A custom plugin prompts users to verify their personal information to complete their course and earn credit hours.

CEU Calculator

A custom plugin helps users track their remaining credit hours and progress towards meeting their education requirements.

Inactive Logout

A custom plugin automatically logs users out of their account after a period of inactivity to protect sensitive personal information.

Project Info


David Offutt

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To enhance the user experience and streamline the process of verifying student completion, ODES-IT integrated several custom plugins, including Gravity Forms, LearnDash, and Custom Fields. These plugins allow students to easily enroll in courses, access course materials, and track their progress in real-time.
One of the most noteworthy plugins used on this website is the custom TREC verification popup, which is designed to ensure that students meet the commission’s requirements for continuing education. This plugin prompts users to verify their personal information, such as their date of birth, email address, and license number, in order to complete their course and receive credit hours.|
In addition, ODES-IT also developed a custom CEU calculator plugin, which provides students with an easy way to track their remaining credit hours and determine their progress towards meeting their continuing education requirements. This plugin requires users to enter their license number, and then displays the number of credits remaining, based on their completed coursework.
Finally, ODES-IT also contributed to the development of an inactive logout plugin, which automatically logs users out of their account after a period of inactivity. This plugin is designed to enhance the security of user accounts and protect sensitive personal information.
Overall, the Texas website is a powerful tool for real estate brokers seeking to meet their continuing education requirements. With its user-friendly interface, custom plugins, and seamless integration with TREC, this website is an excellent example of ODES-IT’s commitment to providing innovative, customized solutions for its clients.

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